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NY Official Notary Service
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NY Official Notary Service
Joseph C. Thompson

PO Box 140293
Howard beach NY 11414
(646) 241-6645

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NYS Notary Public Service

My role as an American Notaries Public.

Over 4 million people in the United States call themselves "notary public".
Notaries are public officers who play an essential role in the functioning of our legal and commercial systems. People who are appointed as notaries hold a position of public trust and must possess integrity and proven character. The public relies upon notaries daily to assist in the execution and signing of business, personal and legal transactions. By doing so, notaries protect the integrity of the transactions they oversee. For example, properly notarized documents can bind parties to an agreement indefinitely, make reliable a Last Testament for an estate worth millions of dollars, settle ownership disputes of real property, and protect individuals from fraudulent transactions.


Notaries perform two main duties that are essentially the same in all states: they administer oaths or affirmations, and they take acknowledgments. The term " notarizing a signature" is used generically to refer to administering oaths and taking acknowledgments.
Notaries have the authority to place a person under oath for the purpose of executing a transaction with a sworn statement or giving sworn testimony in some legal matter. Some states allow variations of this important duty including taking depositions and certifying affidavits.
Acknowledgments require the notary to take a declaration from the signer that the document is signed and executed freely and voluntarily for the purposes stated in the document. Acknowledgment implies understanding and agreement with the terms of the document. Closely related to an acknowledgment is taking a proof for a transaction in which the signer cannot or refuses to appear.
Other notary functions vary by state. The most common are witness signings, certifying photocopies of certain documents, issuing subpoenas, and presiding over the forced opening of safe deposit boxes and then certifying the box contains.

We offer :

  • Mobile Notary Service
  • 7 Days a week
  • On call emergency Notary Public
  • Serving all of New York State

YOU CALL, WE WILL COME ! ! !    Tel: 1~646~241~6645

Notary Public,Howard Beach,NY

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