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Notary Here and There (((*_*)))
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Notary Here and There (((*_*)))
Pamela Rodriguez

Please Telephone for Address Information!
Bellflower CA 90706
(562) 866-2736

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Fax: (562) 867-2624

Mobile Notary, Certified Signing Agent and Licensed Real Estate Agent!

Located in "Sunny" Southern California, I am a Notary Public that will travel to Your location (home, work, school, library, restaurant, hospital . . .)!

Prompt, Courteous Service!

Commissioned, Bonded and Insured!

Member of:

The National Notary Association, NNA Association of Signing Agents, the Signing Registry, Golden State Notary, Go Mobile Notary, 123

Commonly Asked Questions:-

(1).  What is a Notary Public?

Answer:  A Notary Public or Notary is a Public Official.  In the state of  California, a Notary Public is commissioned by the Secretary of State.

California's current Secretary of State is Bruce McPherson,

(2).  What is required to be commissioned in the state of California?

Answer:  In order to be commissioned in the state of California, a person must be a California resident, be a minimum of 18 years old, must read, speak and understand English, successfully complete a Secretary of State approved six (6) hour course-of-study, take and pass a state-approved written examination and pass a background check (including being fingerprinted).

          A Notary Public must also take an Oath and be Bonded! 

(3). What is a "Mobile" Notary?

Answer: A "Mobile" Notary, is a Notary Public who travels to and from a customer's or client's location. 

(4).  What are the duties of a Notary Public?

Answer:  A Notary Public is to act as an impartial witness in the signature of documents and the administering of affirmations       and/or oaths.  He or she is not responsible for the accuracy of a document.   

(5).  Can a Notary Public give legal advice?

Answer:  No!  It is illegal for a Notary Public to give legal advice and/or legal assistance!  

(6).  What Agencies can be contacted for legal advice?

For legal advice you may contact : The State Bar of California:  

1-800-843-9053 (Toll free within CA) Or 1-415-538-2250 (Outside of CA)

Low-Income persons may also Contact these Legal-Aid and Social Services Organizations:

211 (Los Angeles County Helpline)

1-800-548-6047 (Los Angeles County Year-Round Shelter) 

(7).  Can a Notary Public notarize an incomplete document or a document which has blank spaces?

Answer:  No!  A Notary Public cannot notarize a document  which is incomplete or has blank spaces.

(8).  Can a Notary Public prepare, draft and/or complete a client's document?

Answer:  No!  It is illegal for a Notary Public to prepare, draft an/or complete a client's document!  The notary can only complete the notarial section of a document. 

(9).  Must the signer physically appear before the Notary Public?

Answer: Yes!  In order to have a document notarized:

[a].  The signer must be "physically" present.

[b].  The signer must have a "sound" mind.

[c].  The signer must "knowingly" want to have a notarization.

[d].  The signer must "willfully" want to participate in the notarization.

CALL (562) 866-2736


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