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Rebecca L. Denny
Counties served:
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Rebecca L. Denny
Rebecca L. Denny

553 Canton Road
Wintersville OH 43953
(740) 317-6699

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Alt. Phone: (740) 317-6699
Mobile: (740) 317-6699

Welcome to the Ohio Notary Network!  

We are a network of Experienced, Professional, Full Time Notary Signing Agents covering all 88 counties in Ohio to serve your Mortgage Witness Closings needs.  All Signing Agents listed on Ohio Notary Network have been pre-qualified and possess the following standards:


bullet Experienced Agents - Full time Signing Agents who have been working for at least one year in the business


bullet Professional - We all strive to bring Professionalism to the table by the way we dress, act and represent our clients.


bullet Full Time - This is a career choice for us and we DO NOT treat this as a part time "hobby"


bullet 300+ Loans Signed - Each of us have been at the closing table at least 300 times ensuring you are getting an experienced agent.


bullet High Speed Internet - Cable or DSL


bullet Edocs Accepted - We understand the need to be able to do any job, whether the documents are sent by overnight carrier or emailed for same day closings.


bullet Laser Printing Equipment - HP or other PCL compliant printer


bullet Errors & Omissions Insurance - Each agent carries at least $25,000 of coverage.


We are NOT a Signing Agency.  All Signing Agents on this site are independent contractors and are free to work for whoever we choose.  

This is NOT a paid listing referral website.  The Signing Agent with the most money does not get listed on top because this is a FREE network - no fees were charged at all.  All Signing Agents listed here were "invited" to be here based solely on what they bring to the profession.

If you have any questions, feel free to Contact the administrator of this site.  

Take a look around and search under "Find A Notary" where you are certain to find...


The BEST in Ohio!

I am a career loan closer available Mon.-Sat. for friendly, professional closings of all types. I have a laser fax and a laser printer for edocs. 100,000 E&O for OH and 25,000 E&O for WV plus bond. Visit my group's web site at




Ohio Notary Public - Jefferson County

Cities served:
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