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B and K Notary Services
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B and K Notary Services
Karen Turner

Post Office Box 5071
Vienna WV 26105
(304) 481-2097

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Fax: (304) 295-9340

B and K Notary Services

We have nine years experience in the industry and handle the execution of documents error free.  We will go above and beyond typical service levels to ensure your documents are signed, sealed and delivered.  Our signing agents will do everything necessary to ensure your documents are signed accurately and professionally.  Our agents recognize the relationships that have been built between you and your clients and are committed and dedicated to do everything to get your signing to completion.  In today's competitive marketplace, representation by qualified, trained professional agents is imperative.  We take great measures to thoroughly train all of our agents so we can provide you with a reliable service.

What is a Notary Public ?

What a notary public does is witness the signing of the documents and ask each party for a sworn oath of authenticity. A notary (or a notary public) is a person legally authorized by a state to administer oaths, take acknowledgments & certify documents.

Perhaps the most important duty of a notary public is attesting to signatures on documents. A notary public may also administer oaths in depositions or other situations. The signature and seal/stamp are evidence that the signature of the notary is genuine and the person is a notary public.

A notary public must ensure that the person signing a document to be notarized is who they say they are. Because identities are critical, a notary public may also spend some time verifying the names of the parties.

The notary public verifies the person's identity, usually done with a driver's license, presses the notary seal/stamp on the document and signs it. The document is now official.

What is a Mobile Notary ?

We travel to YOU to notarize your important documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

You can expect Prompt,Courteous and Reliable Service with Fair Competitive Rates. You choose the time and signing location of your choice, and we will come to you. When You Need it Signed Right..Now !!!, we are available.
• Emergencies
• Last minute same day signing
• After-hours, and weekends
We are flexible to accommodate your busy schedules. Customer satisfaction is important to us

What is Mobile Loan Signing ?

We assist the borrower and closing office in the final stage of the loan process. We will print out all of the documents. Originals, a complete set for your records and a backup just in case of an error in signing. Then arrange to meet with you to assist you in the proper execution of each document, and notarize the documents. In most cases we will take the signed and notarized documents to a local overnight service for mailing for you.

Required / Accepted Identification

State Driver's License
State Identification Card
Canada Driver's License
Foreign Passports stamped by U.S. Customs
Inmate ID Card
U.S. Passport
U.S. Military ID Card

Please Call: 304-481-2097

Please Call: 304-481-2097

OH and WV Mobile Notary Public Services

Main Page  Notary Public  Services  Pricing

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