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5/9/2011 - Posted by:
Charles F. Graul Jr. Mobile Notary and Wedding Officiant
Phone: 727-430-4364
Mobile: 727-430-4364
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Florida Notaries and Marriage Ceremonies

I have done many loan closings over the many years I have been a notary. I used to own Florida Mobile Notary Association and Services, Inc. which keep me very busy, also. We had a great group of notaries that were a part of our membership. I started the business in 2000 but as I approached my retirement age I decided to take an early retirement and turn the business over to an individual in the Panhandle of Florida. My wife and I decided that this was an easy way to pick and choose the jobs that interested us and just kick back. I still do some loan closings, but not as much as I used to. I do a lot of regular notary jobs and that give us a nice income, but the most money I get and enjoy doing them -- are marriage ceremonies. Florida is one of three states that allow notaries to perform this service. I have the most fun doing these and make as much money as I was doing loan closings. I feel fantastic that I have a part in joining two individuals and starting them in their new marriage lives. Besides the ceremonies, many times we get invited to the receptions. We else can you go to join two people in marriage, have fun at the reception by eating food and dancing. Sometimes the tips aren't bad either. We have gone to many interesting and beautiful places. To summarize, the marriage ceremonies are the best at being a Florida Notary. 
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