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5/10/2011 - Posted by:
Phone: 805-358-2575
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Mobile: 805-358-2575
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Helping a patient client with notarization

I had no idea when an attorney from her office called me to notarize a document for a patient with Alziheimer disease. As soon as driving my car at her door I saw a big truck of medical supplies waiting for her and I was unable to park close to her house. what a surprise! After identifying her positively I showed her all the power of attorney's documents which was provided by her attorney. First she thought that I am the attorney and asking me in fact if I was!! After figuring out that I am not her attorney she was trying to understand what these papers were for. Any way I followed step by step and since her son was the power of attorney I did not make the situation more difficult than what it was and decided to notarize the documents. Unfortunately she accidentally signed on one of the documents on the space where the notary had to sign the signature and that ruined the whole document. Knowing this hard situation and as a courtesy I did not charge her for traveling fee to provide her another copy of the same document to sign. So I brought her back the second copy again and had her to sign! It was quite an experience where she could barely sign her check for me to get paid! I performed the notarization but the disease that she had was the kind that she may forget again what those documents for and why she signed them for?!

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